Dave Owen

Dave Owen

NOTE: This website is very old. I haven't updated it in years.

Live Shows

Book a session in the Space Room or hire me to come to your venue. My shows cover a wide variety of space-related topics, or you can request a customized presentation.

Sidewalk Astronomy

Follow me as I travel around presenting astronomy to random people in the streets. I'm also available for events such as fairs, school visits, etc.

Space Museum

My long-term project to create a boutique museum of space displays and memorabilia.

Space Simulator

My custom built, multi-purpose spaceflight and astronomy simulator.

Articles and Resources

Space-related articles, tools and other resources I've developed.

other Space Projects

Other space-related projects I'm working on.

Other Things I Do

Digital Media

I've been involved in media production for most of my working life. I retired in 2007 but I'm still involved in various digital media projects.


I run a number of websites on various topics, from video tutorials to paranormal research. Some are profitable (that's how I make a living), others exist purely for fun or community service.


I have lots to say and I insist that you listen. Start with my personal blog and check out my other blogs too.