Space Dave Brings Astronomy Education to Your School

Te Awamutu Primary School
Above: Slideshow presentation to primary school children. It's easiest if I can use the school's projector but I can bring my own if necessary.
Below: Outdoor activities including viewing of the Sun through safety-approved solar viewers and telescope. I bring all the equipment and materials for these activities—you don't have to do anything except help supervise.
Solar Activities

I love doing space education at schools. I can talk about pretty much any space or astronomy topic and I can tailor my presentation to your requirements if necessary.

I'm happy to talk to school groups from any level, primary to college.

At primary schools I prefer to talk to classes that are at least year three, as I find that new entrants don't benefit as much and they are better off waiting a few years.

At high schools I find that science students tend to stay engaged for anything up to two hours, but other students often vary in their enthusiasm. If possible I prefer to talk to college students who have elected to hear the presentation.

The presentation I recommend for most students is Our Place in the Universe. This covers the basics of the solar system, galaxy and wider universe. I give variations of this presentation to all age groups from pre-school to senior citizens.

A standard classroom session is up to one hour, although I can go longer if you like.

Weather permitting, I can also do an outdoor session which works well immediately after the indoor session. The longest I can usually keep primary-aged students engaged is two hours including outdoor activities.


Sessions cost anywhere between $50 and $500. The price is dependent upon factors such as how big the group is, how long the session lasts, how much equipment I have to provide and how far I have to travel.

All profits go back into my astronomy outreach programme.

Curriculum Material

Please note that I'm not a qualified teacher and I don't actively keep up with the school curriculum. Please ask if you need me to cover specific material.