On stage with "The Plant People", 1989.
Dave Dobbyn
Thanks from Dave Dobbyn
for a job in Palmerston Nth, 1993.

The Trackside sound desk, 2002.

Music & Audio Production

My interest in audio production began way back in the 1980s with my high school band and other musical activities such as operatic societies, orchestras and the local brass band. I played a few instruments including piano, guitar and a brief stint on flugelhorn. However it was drums and percussion that I settled on.

In my early 20s, while playing in the band The Plant People, I learned the ropes of audio engineering.

When that band split up in 1992 I went into business with my brother and started Wavelength Sound Company (later renamed Wavelength Media). Our services included:

By the mid-nineties I'd moved on to become more involved in video and television production. As part of my training I developed my skills in audio for television, and I worked for a while as an OB sound technician.

By the late nineties I was concentrating on television directing and web design.

These days I do the occasional job as a sound tech, and most of my current projects involve audio production to some extent, so although it's not my main focus I still spend a lot of time working with sound.

My website MediaCollege.com has an audio production forum where you can discuss issues and ask questions. I participate as much as I can but I'm always looking for audio pros to help answer questions.