Media Production

Dave at workMost of my working life has involved some sort of media production. I've been a sound engineer, camera operator, editor, television director, live event producer and web designer.

Along with my brother Richard, I started a business called Wavelength Sound Company in 1992. This soon evolved into Wavelength Media, and I've been working for this business on-and-off ever since. For some periods I worked full-time for Wavelength, doing everything from music recordings to corporate videos. Sometimes I worked part-time in our own business and part-time for various television channels. For a few years I worked full-time for the TAB's Trackside Channel.

I think my two most memorable periods were my stint as a news cameraman (TV1 & TV3) and my time as an OB director (Trackside Channel).

If it sounds like I'm a dabbler in everything and a master of nothing, well, there's some truth in that. I've tended to stick at a particular job until I've decided I'm competent, then get tempted away by some new challenge. Actually that's worked out quite well for me—having a working understanding of many different fields helped me to start in the late nineties.

In 2000 I began gradually phasing out my involvement in the professional broadcast world, until I retired completely in 2007. Since then I've just been working on my own projects, including and TATV.