My Space Collection & Displays

Human Space Flight

History of Human Space Flight

Posters and photos cover the main highlights of space flight history, from Vostok to Virgin Galactic. The display includes models, philatelics, a replica plaque and some Space Shuttle parts.

The feature item is a cue card that was flown aboard Apollo 9.

The Universe

Living in Space

A look at everyday life for astronauts, with answers to common questions such as how do you go to the toilet in space? and how long would you survive in a vacuum?

The feature item is a spare part from a space toilet.

The Search for Aliens

A working demonstration of SETI@Home — a system to analyze radio waves from deep space looking for signs of ET.

The Universe

The Universe

This photo display begins with images and information about our solar system, followed by an illustrated map of the Milky Way, local superclusters and the wider Universe.

The feature item is a meteorite fragment from Mars.

Space Simulator

Spaceflight Simulator

Using our custom-built spaceflight simulator you can visit planets and moons in our solar system, then travel to the outer reaches of the galaxy and beyond. Fly through the rings of Saturn or see what happens when a star gets too close to a black hole.

Travel back in time to follow historic space missions, then leap into the future to see where space flight might be heading.

Fun and very educational for all ages and abilities.