Bruce and Stephanie

Bruce (left) and Steph (right)This is my Mum and Dad. They live in Kihikihi (near Te Awamutu, in the Waikato district). 

They run a community house called Kainga Aroha, which provides a variety of services to the local community. For more information about Kainga Aroha, visit their website.

My parents are an unusual couple. I point this out to them from time to time but they seem okay about it. People say that they're a nice couple and suppose I tend to agree.

Seriously, I'm very grateful to my Mum and Dad. They raised me to be an independent thinker and to appreciate the variety of experiences that life offers.

I'm also immensly proud of the path they've chosen for themselves. They work selflessly for the good of others in the face of a society which threatens to be overwhelmed by selfishness. What they and the other workers at Kainga Aroha have achieved is proof that here are better ways to deal with our problems.