Curriculum Vitae (2002)

NAME: David John Owen
ADDRESS: PO Box 4517
95 James Line
Palmerston North
E-MAIL: mail AT dave DOT co DOT nz
TELEPHONE: 06-354-3444 (home)
025-448-621 (mobile)
DATE OF BIRTH: 13th April 1966
NATIONALITY: New Zealand Citizen
MARITAL STATUS: Stable Relationship
HEALTH: Excellent



Waikato Hospital Board, Hamilton, New Zealand.
1987: Psychiatric Nursing Registration
1988: Endorsement of Nursing Registration.

Massey University, Palmerston North, New Zealand.
1991: 75.102 General and Applied Psychology B+


Te Awamutu College, Te Awamutu, New Zealand.
1981: School Certificate Subject Passes:
-- English General Science
-- Mathematics German
-- French Physics
1982: University Entrance Subject Passes:
-- English Chemistry
-- Mathematics Physics
1983: Higher School Certificate Subjects:
-- English Pure Mathematics
-- Chemistry Applied Mathematics
-- Physics

Queen Elizabeth College, Palmerston North, New Zealand.
1990: School Certificate Subject Pass:
-- Music


-- Driver�s License Class B (Private motor vehicle, 1981) & Class F (Heavy trade, 1997)
-- Ford Advanced Driving School Certificate (1998)
-- First Aid Certificate (1984,1998)
-- Skills of Enterprise Course (1990)



1992-2000: Self-employed video/multi-media producer (Trading as "Wavelength Media Services")
Occasional stringer for 3 National News
Part-time camera, audio, VT and vision operator for TAB Trackside Channel
1997-2000: Full-time video contractor for TAB Trackside Channel, including directing, all OB operations, field shoots, external contracts and administration work


1984-1987: Employment-based Student Nurse
1987 - 1988: Registered Nurse, Waikato Hospital Board
1988: Acting Charge Nurse (half-time, six months)
1993-1994: Registered Nurse, Hillcrest Manor, Palmerston North (part-time)
1995: Registered Nurse, Ranfurly Manor, Feilding (part-time)


1982-1988: Drummer, orchestral percussionist, guitarist (part-time)
1992: Full-time touring drummer


1980-1983: Kitchen hand (part-time)
1982-1984: Fruit picker (part-time)
1981: Vegetable retailer (part-time)
1989: Hops processor (casual)



Almost twenty years practical experience with professional multi-media equipment, including:

  • Audio engineering (from studio work to major outdoor concerts).
  • Video production (from weddings to corporate work).
  • Live multimedia presentation.
  • Internet development and delivery.

A great deal of my personal time is spent studying media technology.


  • Several years experience as senior staff nurse, including six months leading a hospital nursing team.
  • Five years experience as a talent manager.
  • Have tutored professionally in many areas, including music, secondary school subjects, and media work.
  • Served a four-year term on the Waikato Anglican Youth Council. Regularly led groups of teenagers on adventure camps and other activities.
  • Three years experience leading TAB Trackside OB teams.


  • Graduate of numerous courses and workshops dealing with communication and interpersonal relationship skills.
  • Many years experience in sales, including retailing, telemarketing, and active field marketing.
  • Have prepared and presented lectures on medical, psychiatric, and technical topics.
  • Have worked in group situations on research projects, task groups, business projects, etc.
  • Many years experience liaising between groups of professional people.


Ten years experience with computers, including configuring and maintaining Windows-based PCs with multiple devices, video/audio interfaces, and network/internet connections.
I regularly use a wide range of applications, including:

  • Video and audio editing (Adobe Premiere, Ulead MediaStudio, CoolEdit, etc.).
  • 2D and 3D Graphic design (Adobe PhotoShop, Ulead Image Editor, Real 3D, Asymetrix, etc.).
  • Internet development (HTML authoring, Microsoft FrontPage, FTP, etc.).
  • Office applications (Microsoft Office 97, etc.).

Some websites I produce:

Wavelength Media:
Media College:
Te Awamutu Online:
The Race Café:*
Dave�s Place:


  • Have established and maintained a small business book-keeping system.
  • Twelve months experience managing a hospital ward budget.
  • Three months experience managing income and expenditure for a food retail business.
  • Many years experience in preparing wages, PAYE, GST returns, etc.


Music: I have received music instruction from age five, and have achieved competency on piano, guitar, drums / percussion, and various brass instruments.
I have been actively involved in many musical organisations, including Te Awamutu Municipal Brass Band, Te Awamutu Light Operatic Society, Hamilton Operatic Society, Waikato Youth Orchestra, and numerous rock/blues/dance bands.

Science: I have a strong interest in the physical sciences, especially cosmology, astrophysics, quantum physics, etc.

Science Fiction: I have followed science fiction film and television from a very young age, and have been actively involved in a number of science fiction clubs.


Available on request.

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